Bloom Max

Bloom Max Label

10-55-10 + Micros (water soluble)


Outdoor flowers in containers, bed areas and planters

Mix one tablespoon per gallon. Repeat every 7 to 14 days during growing season. May be applied to foilage also.

Indoor potted plants

Mix two teaspoons per gallon. Apply once per month in summer months and once every two months in winter

Hose end feeders

Mix in accordance with directions on hose end feeder.

Available in available in a 2lb and 4lb bottles.

Bloom Max Label

9-46-0 + Micros


APPLICATION: Apply BLOOM MAXt o dry soil in and around plants at recommended rates (see chart below).

Repeat every 4 to 6 weeks. Water in thoroughly after application and be sure to wash off any fertilizer residue on plant leaves to avoid damage.

Application Chart

Types of Plants

How Much to Apply

When preparing a new planting bed

2/3 cup per 25 sq ft

Individual small plants:

Bedding Plants, Perennials in 4 inch pots, Strawberries, Vegetable Transplants

1-1/2 tsp per sq ft.

Bareroot Roses

Roses in 2 gallon pot

Small transplant rose bush

Large transplant rose

1-1/2 tsp per rose

1 Tbs

1/4 cup per 9 sq ft

1 cup per 36 sq ft

Ground Covers

1-1/2 tsp per sq ft.

2/3 cups per 25 sq ft