Our Products

Azalea Food

Azalea Food

Promotes Optimum Growth with Acid-Loving Formulation

Garden Max Label

Garden Max

Helps promote growth in your garden.

Color Max Label

Color Max

Premium Fertilizer for All Blooming Annuals & Perennials

Landscape Special

Landscape Special

Contains polymer coated controlled release Nitrogen 

Tom and Veg Food

Tomato & Vegetable Food

Promotes Optimum Harvest

crabgrass & bluegrass preventer

Crabgrass & Annual Bluegrass Preventer

For selective preemergence control ACTIVE INGREDENT, of grass and broadleaf weeds

Max Green

Max Green

Improves Soil Sulfur Levels And Replenishes Sulfur Loss

Bloom Max Label

Bloom Max

Maximum bloom on Outdoor Gardening, Container and Indoor Plants

Hibiscus Food

Hibiscus Food

Promotes Growth, Color & Blooms for Hibiscus plants

Crape Myrtle Food

Crape Myrtle Food

Specially Formulated to Promote Blooms

Pansy Max Food

Pansy Max

Promotes Optimum Blooms & Growth

Tree and Shrub Food

Tree & Shrub Food

Promotes Sturdy Growth & Rich Color

Super Green Lawn Food

Super Green Lawn Food

Super Greening Power


Restore 2 Green

Promotes Growth & Rich Green Color

Dual Action Insect Control

Dual Action

Kills listed insects above and below the ground

Bougainvillea Food

Bougainvillea Food

Promotes Growth, Color & Blooms for Bougainvilla plants

Palm & Tropical Plant Food

Promotes Growth & Deep Green Foliage

Flower Food

Flower Food

Balanced & Controlled Released Formulation

Rose Food

Rose Food

Promotes Vigorous Growth & Specatcular Blooms

Grass & weed barrier

Grass & Weed Barrier

For Control of Crabgrass or Suppression of certain Annual Grasses and Broadleaf Weeds

weed & Feed

Weed & Feed

Controls a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds while providing both fast and long term feeding action