Max Green Iron

Max Green

Max Green™ 22% Iron, 55% Sulfur is made with elemental sulfur and fritted iron oxide made into a homogenous pastille pellet.

The product has some clay particles in the mix that expand when wet and causes the sulfur and iron to break down into smaller particles. This allows the sulfur to oxidize into sulfuric acid, which reacts with the iron to slowly release the iron. It also reacts with any other salt material in the soil, which helps neutralize the soil and lower the pH, thereby releasing other elements in the soil and improving growing conditions for all plants.

This is why our product is so effective in our southwest soils. The iron is also non-staining to concrete sidewalks and drive ways, which makes it less problematic for the consumer and landscaper. By Curtis Breshears, Agronomist and Founder of Sure-Green products and makers of premium lawn fertilizers.

Available in 3lb and 6lb bottles